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Santa Claus Caught on Video for 5th Year

‘iSpotSanta’ Website Posts REAL Sightings All December

Santa Claus is being tracked and caught on film with the family friendly website from Pasquale Murena starting December 1st and going all the way to Christmas Day. You can only find these Santa videos, pictures and more with the “25 Days of Santa” from the entertainment site Watch as his merry reindeer fly him to every continent in 2013, including visits to the most famous places on Planet Earth.

THIS YEAR’S SPECIAL ATTRACTION: Six time Emmy winner, comedian/actor Tim Conway appears in hilarious new comedy sketches as “Dorf” of "Dorf on Golf" fame; trying to find Santa Claus so he can make sure he gets a bigger stocking full of gifts this year.

PLUS, You’ll enjoy new comedy sketches featuring Internet sensations Chip and Bernie and Puppets from the AGP (Anything Goes Productions) Newsroom as they spot Santa Claus.

“On every continent we have Santa spotters with their cameras pointed to the sky and for the first 25 days of December we are uploading new Santa Claus sighting videos, a new one each day,” said Pasquale Murena, creator of the site and president of Anything Goes Productions, a producer and distributor of original media entertainment. "Last year we had over 5 million video views spreading Christmas joy," added Pasquale with a smile on his face.

“Join us on Christmas Eve as site visitors can track Santa live as he flies all over the world with our ‘iSpotSanta Video Tracker.’ There will be updates every 15 minutes on Twitter with his location and every 30 minutes on our Facebook page,” he said.

“I sit with my granddaughters every Christmas Eve and we watch each Santa sighting as iSpotSanta tracks him,” said Conway. “It’s a great way to spend time with the family and rekindle that Christmas feeling we had as kids.”

Site visitors will see Santa at the North Pole, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, France, Italy, Statue of Liberty, Joshua Tree, English castles, Big Ben, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, the Pyramids in Egypt and many more. “You are never too old to believe in Santa and the Spirit of Christmas,” Murena said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Christmas is filled with family traditions and iSpotSanta is quickly becoming one of those traditions,” said Murena.

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